How Fortress Mussel Control Systems Work

Fortress Mussel Control Systems are engineered with industrial-grade electrolysis processes to generate ionized solution using only water and electricity. The ionized solution is injected at the entrance of your water intake resulting in an ultra low dose of ions, as low as 5-10ppb in your treated raw water. Fortress Mussel Control Systems’ ions interfere with growth and development of mussels at all life stages; larvae, veligers, juvenile and adults. Fortress Mussel Control Systems’ ions create inhospitable conditions prohibiting growth and settlement of Zebra/Quagga mussels and clams throughout your intake and raw water piping system.

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Fortress Mussel Control Systems Technology

Fortress Mussel Control Systems have three major components, a control panel, Ionization chamber(s) and a non-fouling flow computer. The components can be mounted on a skid or remotely on a wall or floor. One control panel can independently control and power up to six ionization chambers reducing installation cost. Each ionization chamber is powered by its own power module providing redundancy and flexibility.

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