Engineered To Deliver Protection 24/7


Reliable Choice: "Copper concentrations remained relatively constant during intermittent operation of pumps"

Fortress Mussel Control Systems have three major components, a control panel, Ionization chamber(s) and a non-fouling flow computer. The components can be mounted on a skid or remotely on a wall or floor. One control panel can independently control and power up to six ionization chambers reducing installation cost. Each ionization chamber is powered by its own power module providing redundancy and flexibility.

Ionization Chambers Engineered for Performance and Reliability

Fortress Mussel Control Systems Ionization chambers are compact and made of powder coated high-quality Stainless Steel.

Grooved-end coupling allow fast and easy access while eliminating the need for power tools during servicing.

Fortress Mussel Control Systems Ionization chambers incorporate features that enhance water flow, reduce pressure drop and optimize ionization efficiency.

Enhanced water flow plus built-in automatic self-cleaning features prevent scaling and plugging of ionization chambers extending electrode service life.

Each Fortress Mussel Control Systems Ionization chamber can treat up to 20MGD, multiple chambers can be assembled to treat even higher flows.

Automatic Computer Controlled Treatment Process

The entire Fortress Mussel Control Systems treatment process is fully automatic and controlled by and industrial-grade computer.  The control panel comes with an intuitive simple to use and understand multi-color, touch-screen/display/operator interface.

Password protected operator screen prevents unauthorized access or unintended change to treatment settings.

A brightly lit touch screen permits an operator to view system status, adjust treatment parameters and review logged data.

Communication features allow for fast and straight-forward integration with plant management software for local and remote monitoring and management via Ethernet, internet or SCADA network.

Exclusively Powered By CuDose Technology

Fortress Mussel Control Systems’ CuDose Technology ensures precise treatment even in changing water conditions and quality eliminating the risks of over/under treatment.

Only Fortress Mussel Control Systems are engineered to respond to changing water conditions to dynamically and reliably maintain consistent ion dosage over a wide range of raw water flow.

Industrial-grade Ruggedized Digital Flow Computer

All Fortress Mussel Control Systems are equipped with an industrial-grade ruggedized flow computer to reliably measure and prove flow.

Unlike mechanical flow switches and flow meters, our digital flow magmeter is not subject to fouling, wear or tear due to solids and organic matter prevalent in raw water.

The flow computer is made of high quality 316 stainless steel, has a bright-lit local LCD screen displaying water parameters; total volume, flow rate, temperature, flow/no flow conditions.