Industrial Raw Water Intake

Start Protecting Your System Today

Lower Your Plant Operations Costs

Fortress Mussel Control Systems enhance control of algae, microbial induced corrosion and organic matter helping to keep your heat exchangers cleaner, lowering your energy and operations costs while boosting your productivity.

No Corrosion Problems

Chemicals introduced in raw water promote corrosion of piping and heat transfer equipment.  Fortress Mussel Control Systems’ treatment process is non-corrosive and enhances protection of your equipment from microbial induced corrosion.

No Detoxifying Requirements Icon

No Need to Detox Your Discharge

Simply put, Fortress Mussel Control Systems’ treatment process does not require any costly and regulatory burdensome detoxification of discharge water.

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Control Mussels at All Crucial Stages

Fortress Mussel Control Systems’ ultra low level of ions is an effective molluscicide and control mussels at all crucial life growth stages; larvae, veligers, juvenile and adults.

Other Advantages:

Highly Effective at Ultra Low Dose

Fortress Mussel Control System protects your raw water by introducing extremely low levels of ions, as low as 10ppb, well below EPA’s MCL of 1300ppb.

Eliminate Hassles of Dealing with Liquid Chemicals

Chemical treatment require construction of spill containment area, emergency eyewash and safety shower, special handling, storage and metering systems among others, and are subject to corrosion and frequent failure.  Fortress Mussel Control Systems produce a non-corrosive, ion solution for direct injection in to raw water. No metering pumps, No special piping, No mixing tanks, No hassles.

Simple to Operate and Lowest O&M Costs

Fortress Mussel Control Systems’ treatment process is fully automated greatly simplifying operations. The only utilities required are readily available; water and electricity.

Will Not Disrupt Your Plant Operations

Intermittent use of chemicals require plant shut-downs to administer and monitor chemical dosing therefore requiring intensive planning and time consuming coordination well ahead of time. On the contrary, Fortress Mussel Control Systems operate with no disruption to your plants operations.

Small-foot Print and Easy Integration

Fortress Mussel Control systems have substantially small foot-print for easy installation and integration in mechanical rooms with limited space.

Continuous Protection Equals Unparalleled Reliability

Chemical injection provide intermittent protection; between treatment when conditions are right mussel population will explode easily slowing or shutting down your plant operations.  Fortress Mussel Control Systems give you unparalleled reliability by continuously protecting your raw water system, so you can focus more on your revenue generating plant operations.