Municipal Raw Water Intake

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Highly Effective at Ultra Low Doses

Fortress Mussel Control Systems protect your raw water by introducing extremely low level of ions, as low as 10ppb; well below EPA’s national drinking water standard MCL of 1300ppb (1.3mg/L).

Compatible with Your Existing Treatment Train

It has been proven, ions injected in your raw water by Fortress MC Systems are easily removed by conventional treatment stages of flocculation, sedimentation and filtration, and without the need to modify your treatment train.

Preserves Quality of Your Drinking Water

Chlorinated compounds, amines, and permanganate in raw water can negatively impact your water quality parameters such as odor, taste and color.  Fortress Mussel Control Systems’ ions in raw water will not pass through to finished water and thus have no adverse impact on your finished water quality.

Easier and Safer to Operate than Liquid Chemicals

Liquid chemicals are corrosive, present risk of chemical spills and exposure and therefore necessitates special handling, storage and mixing.  Fortress Mussel Control Systems are simple and straight forward to operate because no liquid chemicals are involved.  The only utilities required are already present; water and electricity.

Other Advantages:

The Most Cost Effective Long-Term Solution

Fortress Mussel Control Systems are the most reliable, cost effective, long term solution for controlling Zebra mussels, Quagga mussels and Asiatic clams. Compared to alternatives, Fortress Mussel Control Systems offer the lowest acquisition, installation, operation and maintenance cost.

Enhances Control of Algae

Fortress Mussel Control Systems compliment your water treatment process, ions injected in the raw water enhances control of algae, microbial induced corrosion, and organic matter in downstream treatment stages.

Hassle-Free Protection against Mussels

Water treated by Fortress Mussel Control Systems do not require detoxification.  Simply put; No Liquid Chemicals, No Hassles, No Detox.

Easy Integration and Small Footprint

Fortress Mussel Control Systems have a small footprint allowing for easy, fast and simplified installation in pump houses with limited space; the only utilities needed are water and power.

Control Mussels at All Crucial Stages

Fortress Mussel Control Systems’ ultra low levels of ions are an effective molluscicide and control mussels at all crucial life growth stages; larvae, veligers, juvenile and adults.