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"Copper addition using the Fortress system did not impact corrosivity of the water. Copper addition using the Fortress system does not result in copper concentration that could present any operational or regulatory compliance issues for customer city WTPs."

Fortress Mussel Control Systems are exclusively equipped with Cu-DoseTM Technology to detect and respond to changing water conditions in real time. Cu-DoseTM Technology enables Fortress Mussel Control Systems to dose pace treatment, seamlessly and automatically matching changing water flow rates thereby eliminating risks of over/under treatment. All Fortress Mussel Control Systems are proudly and uncompromisingly manufactured in the United States with high quality reliable industrial-grade components. Each complete system is fully tested prior to shipment.

All electrical components are housed within a powder-coated stainless steel NEMA rated enclosure. The control panels feature Simple to Identify and Clearly marked Bright-lit LED Status Indicators lights – ONLY TWO, Green = Power ON, Red = Fault Condition.

A Prominently located ON/OFF Switch on the front panel does not allow enclosure door to open unless in OFF Position, and for additional safety a keyed locking system prevents unauthorized entry in the enclosure.

Fortress Mussel Control Systems’ panel incorporates an intuitive Password Protected Operator Interface with a Bright-lit Display Screen for easy adjustment of parameters. Communication features simplify integration with plant management software, remote monitoring and adjustment of treatment process, alarms, electrode life among other parameters.

Fortress Mussel Control Systems’ Ionization chambers are compact and made of powder coated high-quality Stainless Steel with grooved ends and do not require powered tools to install or remove electrodes during servicing.

Fortress Mussel Control Systems feature modular Ionization chambers engineered for optimum water flow, are self-cleaning; eliminating scaling and plugging. Each chamber can treat up to 20 MGD, multiple chambers can be assembled to treat higher flows.

Unlike others, Fortress Mussel Control Systems’ Ionization chambers utilize watertight industrial-grade electrical connections.  These finger safe connectors allow for quick easy tool-free mating and unmating.  Moreover, Fortress Mussel Control Systems automatically detects and de-energizes unmated connections thereby ensuring operator safety.

Fortress Mussel Control Systems are equipped with a Non-contacting Digital Flow Computer that is not subject to fouling, wear and tear due to solids and organic matter in raw water. Advantageously, our Non-Contacting Flow Computer has a bright-lit local LCD Screen displaying water parameters; flow rate, temperature, flow/no flow conditions.

All Piping components including valves, pressure gauge and drain-plugs are made of stainless steel. Additionally, the stainless steel skid frame is powder-coated ensuring a clean finish and look for years to come.

We Stand Behind Our Products with Strong Warranty and Guarantees

We can offer a FULL 5 Year Warranty on All Fortress Mussel Control Systems.

In the unlikely event that your Fortress MC equipment malfunctions, we provide-direct warranty support with no complicated paperwork required.

We provide a one (1) year guarantee on each set of Fortress Mussel Control Systems electrodes

If an electrode needs to be replaced within one (1) year, we take care of it at no additional charge.

Unparalleled Commitment to Serving You

We offer free engineering support and free on-site installation supervision to all our clients to make sure Fortress MC Systems are properly installed

We offer On-Site System Commissioning and Startup by Factory-Trained Field Certified Technician to ensure your Fortress Mussel Control System is functioning correctly.

We allow 5 year up-front pricing options for electrodes to guarantee low annual cost on any Fortress Mussel Control System

We can provide boxes, bottles and shipping labels for water sampling and water testing by a certified 3rd party lab ensuring your raw water system is being protected as intended.

Competitor’s controllers work on staged power level and provide a inconsistent ion output regardless of flow rate resulting in under/over dosing. Moreover such controllers requires an operator to manually and constantly adjust output settings whenever water flow rate changes.

Competitor’s controllers result in higher operations costs and time by requiring the operator to manually and constantly adjust output settings whenever there is a change flow rate or water quality.

Competitor’s control panels are difficult to operate; they are cluttered with numerous lights, push buttons and various adjustment knobs in addition to similar looking- analog volt and amp meters.

Competitor’s control panels create safety and operation risks. Numerous On/OFF buttons and selectors switches can cause an ionization chamber to be mistakenly powered on even though conditions are not right. And in case of emergency too many ON/OFF buttons and lights can create confusion and delayed corrective action.

Competitors use painted carbon steel housings susceptible to pin-hole corrosion and rusting resulting in premature failures and costly replacements.

Servicing their anodes is time consuming and create unsafe conditions especially in tightly-spaced pump rooms. Bolted electrode flanges and heavy anode assemblies require at least two persons, power tools and overhead hoists to service.

Competitor ionization chambers are not designed for optimum water flow. Their chambers are incapable of handling suspended solids and organic matter in raw water.

Poor water flow through competitors’ chambers promotes erosion, plugging, scaling and incessant servicing of anodes hence increasing maintenance requirements.

Competitor ionization process is inefficient, the use of parallel anode plates promotes electrode bridging. In essence ions released at the anode are plated on the cathode rather than being swept into the water flow.

Competitors use paddle-type flow switches and rotameters which are subject to fouling, wear, tear and plugging resulting in frequent service calls.

Suspended solids in raw water cause these flow switches to malfuction and stay stuck open or closed. This creates unsafe operating conditions by tricking the controller to power chambers even in the absence of water flow.

The presence of organic matter in raw water occludes rotameters, so the operator has no way of telling how much water is flowing to the treatment skid.